Should Pit of the Condemned be played on Parchment?

I notice the distribution for Pit of the Condemned in the full download contains not only the .zblorb game file but also the Parchment interpreter files, including the webpage wrapper. I looked at the CSS, and it seems to say that it’s just the standard Parchment stylesheet, but I don’t know if the author edited that version of the file for the game. I don’t know if it’s intended to be played in the browser, and if that might be the reason that Parchment is included in the distribution.

Opening it in Parchment, it doesn’t look specially styled at a glace. I don’t usually play parser IF in the browser, but I don’t have anything against Parchment so I guess I’ll use it to play Pit of the Condemned just in case.

Although I don’t know the answer to this question directly, I have noticed that a number of authors sometimes get confused in exactly what it is they have to share. Some just send the whole contents of their Inform game folder, possibly wanting to share the source code as well. And some just want to make sure that people can play the online version even without a stable connection, so they send everything that has to do with Parchment.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this were a similar case. If you do find out that it needs Parchment, we’ll be glad of your feedback. [emote]:)[/emote]

Having cleared the game, I’m pretty confident to say it can be played however you like and definitely doesn’t require Parchment. It would just be a case where the author sent all material and that this in turn was reproduced in the distribution.