Should cover art thumbnail be showing up? (6L38)

I have a 120x120 jpg titled “Small Cover” in the materials folder (in addition to the regular-sized “Cover.jpg” cover art), which is what the instructions in §25.8 of the documentation say to do, and I’ve got “Release along with cover art” in the code, but when I hit release, The “Report on Release: Succeeded” screen lists the blorb file and then, under “The following additional file(s)”, Cover.jpg is the only file listed. Should the thumbnail be there as well? When I look inside the release folder, the icon for the blorb file is not the thumbnail art, it’s a blorb logo. Is this normal or is something wrong?

The Small Cover image is only used as part of a “release along with a web site” directive; it’s used as part of the generated web page sidebar.

This is normal. The OS doesn’t have access to cover art information.

Thank you!