Should Copy__Primitive() be attempting to copy the name property (ID 1)?

Given the way that the Copy__Primitive() veneer routine is written currently, the example usage in DM4 (see DM4 §3: Objects and classes)

Plant.copy(Gilded_Branch, Poison_Ivy)

will overwrite the name property of Gilded_Branch with the values from Poison_Ivy – but only if they both have the same number of words in the property.

The routine already skips property IDs 2 and 3 when deciding what to copy. Should it also be skipping ID 1? If not, what is the use case justifying the current structure?

Never mind. I see that the Class.recreate() function depends on it, and that function can safely assume that the name properties of both the prototype and the recreated instance have the same size.

Still, it’s a bit unexpected when it happens with class members that aren’t part of a pool of “identical” items.