Shorthand for wordy list types?

Hi, I’m currently playing around with some code that uses lists of texts, and lists of lists of texts. It’s getting a bit confusing, as you might expect, so I was wondering: does Inform support any way to define shorthand for these list types? For example:

A list of lists of texts is also called a thread. [or whatever]

So that these statements, for example, are identical:

A scene has a thread called the script.

A scene has a list of lists of texts called the script.

This seems like the kind of thing that Inform might support, but I can’t find anything like it in the documentation.



Probably the closest you could get to that is something like:

A musing is a kind of object.
A musing has a list of texts called the content.
A scene has a list of musings called the script.

But this is more heavyweight than a pure data structure, and requires an extra indirection and extra up-front construction syntax. Although as a bonus it does allow you to define additional information about a specific musing.