Short-notice beta request: short, word-puzzley parser game

I have recently completed a very short word-puzzley escape-the-room type game for a very informal game jam that is closing April 13, and would greatly appreciate a spot of beta-testing for the following:

  • technical bugs
  • typos and incorrect puzzle logic (in this kind of game, the two are somewhat closely linked!)
  • whether literally anything makes the slightest lick of sense to someone who may be unfamiliar with the game which inspired it


  • written in I7
  • puzzle-focused
  • one-room (to escape from)
  • one NPC (but he just ululates at you)
  • three victorious endings (minimum steps per solution: 2, 3, and 4 respectively)
  • one bad ending (undo-able)

Other notes:

  • I’m not experienced at this and it’s all very silly
  • I would prefer to receive feedback prior to April 13 so that if there is anything gamebreaking I can fix it before the jam ends, but tbh it’s not that serious anyway

If anyone might be interested in lending assistance, please let me know in this thread or via PM, and I can send the .gblorb or a zip of the browser-playable version by whichever means you prefer. Thank you very much!


I’d be interested in trying it, a gblorb would be great!

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You had me at “word-puzzley”! (“NPC that just ululates at you” was the icing on the cake)

I look forward to trying it :smile:

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Go ahead, I’m in! Always looking to practice and playtest more parser stuff!

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This sounds fun! I’m willing to test it.

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