Short BBC Documentary from 1985 featurning Infocom

Really neat to see these icons of IF sitting around in a relatively bleak-looking office creating Works of Wonder!

I found the “bugs” segment especially humorous, given modern day bug testing environments. :laughing:

If this is your cup of tea, please enjoy!

Running time: <8 minutes.


I remember Micro Live on BBC 2 in the eighties. I certainly watched it when I could, and may well have watched this when it was broadcast. In retrospect what strikes me about watching Micro Live is how everyone has a cut-glass RP accent. “I went to Rada, darling”, etc…


The BBC Archive has lots of interesting snippets from Micro Live, and other programs like this. I know that this Douglas Adams video will have been posted on here before…

…and there is also a video about a slightly… well, less famous adventure… which you still may like (but probably not a lot)…