Ship of Theseus

After reading a blog post by Emily Short, I searched Amazon for a copy of Ship of Theseus, by V. M. Straka. It is a hard back in a slip case. I just received it today. It is a wonderful adventure, an interactive treasure hunt with included media that includes wonderful things such as a “whiz wheel” calculator, post cards, letters and guides.

It is going to be a wonderful way to spend a vacation. I will post further impressions as I progress. Well worth the cost if you can find a copy.

Treasures like this are why I never miss reading every post by Ms. Short.



I actually got this book as an IFComp prize a couple years ago. I haven’t gotten through it (I’m almost too afraid to ruin the arrangement of what pages artifacts are on!) mainly because some of the annotations are difficult to read, especially the gray ones. But sometime I’ll be stuck for a day or two with no work and no internet and I plan to put on gloves and lay it all out on a table. :slight_smile:


Ship of Theseus is a fictional book in the feelie-artifact experience also known as S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst, but I’m sure that’s a nightmare to search for in browsers and on websites. It’s well worth the $21 US they’re asking to have it on the shelf for a rainy day!

More detailed view of content

(There is a lot more packed inside the book than is shown, and it actually looks, feels, and smells like an old library book.)

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I just finished another book so I can spend some serious time with the Ship this weekend. I too am worried about the inserts. I found a blog post at: List of Inserts

I can protect them and still keep up with their location.

It is a very creative way of telling a story and engaging the reader as a participant.


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Your post gave me the impression that Emily Short had written a glowing review of the book, but in fact, she is extremely negative! :upside_down_face:

I think it’s still a lot of fun, and I’m glad to own such a beautiful “feelie” book! I may not like it either after I get to sit down and read it, but I’m proud to have it on the shelf.

I did not imply that Ship of Theseus was endorsed by Emily Short. I only stated that it was mentioned in one of her blog posts. As usual, the information she shares has more content and value than most any blog I have ever read on a regular basis.

She was not impressed with Ship. I am. I learned many years ago not to accept artistic reviews by others as gospel. I saw the book mentioned and it looked like something I would be interested in reading. I have found it to be unique and creative. There are multiple story lines and multiple ways to approach the fiction in an interactive way that is difficult to accomplish in a printed text that is over 450 pages long. I have found it to be interesting and a challenge, better than much of the interactive fiction I have played since the beginning of interactive fiction. For example, I still remember Myst. My brother considered it to be the best game he had ever played. I found it tedious.

I mentioned the blog since I find Ms. Short’s blog posts informative and interesting. Well worth the time others might spend reading her posts.


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