Sharing my source code

Hi all,
I’m writing my first tiny test scenario in Inform 7. I’d like to release a version for a friend to see and also share the source code. I can’t work out how to do this - whether by using ‘release along with the source text’ or un-ticking the ‘bind up into a Blorb file on release’ box, I can’t identify a file I can share. How is this supposed to work?

When you do a release (not just a compile), then it will produce a set of html files with the source code in the .materials/Release/ folder.

It works nicely especially if you “release along with a website” which contains a link to the source text.

Sounds like other people have covered how to release with source code. Just fyi in case you want it for some other reason, the default main file for your story is MyProjectName.inform/Source/

Thanks - I know this is silly, but which of the files in the .materisls folder is the (human-readable) source code? I keep opening giant files which are not actually human-readable and which crash my text editor! Cheers!

If you have the line “Release along with source text,” the source will be the file “source.txt”.

If say “Release along with a website and source text,” you’ll get “source.txt” and also a set of formatted HTML pages beginning with “source.html”.