Shadow in the Cathedral Windows 8 Store App Testing

I’m looking for people with Windows 8 and able to test Shadow in the Cathedral. Either laptop+mouse or touch will work.

I have to figure out how to deploy a test version, but let me know if you’re interested.

David C.

I have teh windows ate!!!

I could help also!

Okay folks…I’m nearing the point where I could use some testers for this. There is one caveat though. In order to install and run the app, you’ll need to have a Microsoft Developer Account. This will cost $20 for an individual account, which I will happily reimburse with an Amazon Gift Card or similar.

You can sign up for a dev account here: Click the “Next” button or if you already have a Live/Hotmail account, sign in. You’ll need a valid credit card to complete the process.

This will require Windows 8.1.

Download the file from …

After downloading it, right-click the file and click Properties. Unblock the file (security thing). Unzip the file and run the .Ps1 file (powershell script).

Release Notes:
All functionality works.

David C.

Testing app package has been updated. See previous post.

Why is that, out of curiosity?

Okay that may have been a bit of a cop out. I would have had to maintain two app packages and I wanted to use some coding features available in 8.1 but not in 8.0.