SF Bay IF Meetup in Oakland Saturday 1PM

We’ve got a bunch of great stuff to play this month!

  1. Emily Short has released a new AI-based interactive fiction system for iOS called Versu. I’ll bring an iPad with a VGA adapter and we’ll see if we can get it to display over the projector. versu.com/

Some of our regulars have released new games since the last time we all met. (Buy these games!)

  1. JP LeBreton at Double Fine has helped design The Cave, a new comedy graphical adventure game with optional multiplayer. thecavegame.com/

  2. Keith Nemitz at Mousechief has released a paid beta for “7 Grand Steps,” which has been nominated for an IGF Nuovo award. 7 Grand Steps is a casual game with multiple-choice IF interludes, tracing the dynasty of a single family starting into the Bronze Age and onward as technology and society develops. p4.hostingprod.com/@mousechief.c … chief.html

Finally, there are at least two new games for Twine, as part of the ongoing “Twine Revolution.”

  1. Christine Love has released a Western, “Even Cowgirls Bleed.” (Love is the author of Digital: A Love Story and Analogue: A Hate Story.) scoutshonour.com/cowgirl/

  2. Zoe Quinn’s “Depression Quest” is Twine-based IF where you play as someone living with depression. Critics say that this is not a fun game, but an important one. depressionquest.com/

As usual, please RSVP so we can plan how much food to get.

To RSVP, see the full listing:


When: Saturday, March 2, 2013 1:00 PM

Where: Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment
610 16th st
Oakland, CA 94612

This Meetup repeats on the 1st Saturday of every month.