Sex and Sex Again Revival 2403A

What is Sex and Sex Again Revival (SaSAR)? It is an adult themed, 2nd person, choose-your-own-adventure game. It’s based around the idea of you reliving the same day over and over and your sexual adventures with your family (incest). It is intended to be a realistic depiction of an ideal story-book family where you play the role as one of the younger twins of the Jones’s (customizable last names) in modern times. This story is and will remain mostly text. It is told to engage your imagination and senses and not focused on imagery.

You will take the role of twins Kevin or Kelly (both 18, customizable main character first name) after they die in their 80’s and are brought back to life at 18. They are stuck, reliving that summer day over and over for mysterious reasons.

They must navigate around their lawyer father, Jim(44), stay-at-home-mom, Judy(42), eldest brother Fred(24) and sassy older sister Abby(22) everyday with all their excessive hormones. With infinite tries, comes infinite possibilities that are not always wholesome. This game will include rape, NTR/cuckold, prostitution, domination, submission, extreme forms of sex, blackmailing, role-playing, sodomy and much, much more. Unwanted content will be optional and easily avoidable.

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It has gone through many iterations but has been taking shape as of this year. It will ultimately be a sandbox game with branching paths and many secrets. The completed version has a pending 2025 release date however I am trying to find funding. If you like what you read and have $3 to spare, subscribe once on subscribestar, wait the time and get the game, it’s not complicated for you, it just needs funding to be completed in a timely and high quality manner.

To do some book math for you, that’s over 4400 pages or over 6 Game of Thrones books. Images will tally in the hundreds to maybe thousands. My end retail price will probably be much greater than the current $3 ask, so invest now for the savings. There will always be a free version of it floating around but the premium version will be updated consequently for a bit. So if you want to capitalize and support, it would be greatly appreciated. Honestly, these early investments mean that much more and you can help by taking a read, maybe spreading the word and definitely pledging that $3. The idea is to ask a little from a lot of people to make this possible as I’m uncomfortable with anything more, knowing it’s only roughly 25-30% complete at the moment. But if I can get more support, I’d be able to add better imagery and probably write faster too. That’s it from me though, enjoy!

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