Settlers of Ker, Bachelor horror prototype and survey

Hey all!

Not totally sure this belongs here or not but we’ve made an interactive horror story and would love some feedback.

We originally made it in Twine and later moved to Unity.

Be careful when playing, because your choices stick with you until the end unless you start all over again.

There is a very short 2 minute survey that you can take in the end where you can add your feedback ^^

When you are done playing, simply hit the “Open Survey” - button, fill in the survey and submit.

Here is the link to our game: … r_Web.html

NP! It does not work in Chrome or Opera and it might ask you to download and install the Unity Web player plugin.

Good luck surviving ^^
Niels P.S. Jonsson and Caroline Elvegård
Gaming and writing enthusiasts

Here is a hint in case you want to view picture instead of it ask to download, you still can.

One way is to view in the browser Type a URL like: data:text/html, where URL becomes the URL of the picture to view.

Other way is by command line, if you have ImageMagick and cURL installed, to pipe curl to display, to display the picture in a separate window.

You’ll probably want the Announcements and Beta Testing forum for stuff like this.