Setting up camp and writing code in the prairies.

So within the past week, I’ve traveled all over the province of Alberta. Trying, to discover
life and it’s meaning. In some sort of over done exploration to discover myself with what
short time I have left. But, I will admit that it has been quite weird at times. Coming
across Mormon Missionaries, meeting the family of a Tribal Chief on the outskirts of a city
called Red Deer at a gas station, and even taking up meditation. I don’t give out a lot of
information about my life and whatnot. So far, the people I’ve come across have really
opened my mind. While, I’m parked on the outskirts of Leduc, Alberta. I’m going to be
East, towards The Pas, Manitoba. Always, wanted to see Hudson Bay. My personnel life,
yeah that’s right. My brother Alan, has taken a step forward, and will be posting my
works on this forum. That and other text adventure or IF sites as well. In the case of
me dying before I return. Not to turn a post from one of joy to one of impending doom.
But, I am working on what will be the biggest text adventure I’ve written, so far the
title is “Invasion Adventure”. I expect to change that in the future, but currently my
past works that have not to been posted will be so over time. Well, it’s getting late
out here and it appears a storm is brewing.

Have a wonderful night and this time tomorrow, I’ll be setting up camp somewhere