Setting IT -- adv3Lite, TADS


Consider the following game play:

[code]>Examine Object
The Object is described; it’s an ordinary decoration type object.

Your phone begins to ring.

Answer it
You can’t answer the Object.[/code]
How does the global pronoun “IT” get set to point to the phone and not stay with the last known Object in scope?

– Mike

TADS3 Full Code[spoiler]All that should be necessary is to setIt on the gActor.


Edit: Oops setIt doesn’t appear to exist in Lite. I’m searching the code to see if I can find the lite equivalent. Will get back to you if I find something.
Ok, From reading the Library this should do the same in Lite. I haven’t tested this though.


This should make ‘It’ respond to the phone in the next command. This line will need to be added where the message about the phone ringing is generated.

This works great, thanks!

I need to learn to read the library better!

– Mike