Set specific times in audio track to loop?

Sugar cube 2.31.1

Can I set a specific time parameter within an audio track to loop?

Right now, I am using the following to delay playing for 53 seconds, and then start playing the track at 35 seconds. The track plays when I want it to, however, the loop goes back to the top of the track at 0s. Can I set to loop continuously from 35s to the end of the track, then back to 35s?

<<run setTimeout(function () { $.wiki('<<audio "endprologue" time 35 loop play>>'); }, 53000)>>

If that’s possible, what if I wanted to create an internal loop within a track, say from 35s to 42s? (This is a separate example from the one above).

Many thanks, Ben

This is basically an audio sprite and SugarCube’s audio subsystem is not really equipped for that. You’d be better off chopping the track down in Audacity or something and having it as it’s own track.

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Totally—that’s definitely an option. I was just checking to see if I could speed up the workflow.