Server was down?

(Old Admin) #1

I don’t know how long the server was down, but I just noticed it when I was no longer receiving email. Sorry about that. I’m trying to find out what happened now.


no problem. At least it served to generate some activity over at raif.


Two or three days, IIRC.

(Jacek Pudlo) #4

OED should have your photograph next to their entry on flippancy.

(mostly useless) #5

In fact they should make a dictionary that’s JUST photographs instead of words, especially for Jacek.

(Andrew Plotkin) #6

You’re replying to a year-old post, and since Jacek is himself gone, there’s really no need.

(mostly useless) #7

But it takes me a year to think of a witty response! And yes, I should have looked at the date.

(Marshal Tenner Winter) #8

no one else cares, so its all good!