Server Move (in a few days)

The company I work for (day job) was bought by a much larger company. As a result, the deal I’ve had for co-habitating a dedicated server is coming to an end. Technically they want me off now, but I figure nothing will be pressed until after the new year.

In the next couple of days, I’ll have space on a different server and will begin to move my websites over (including this forum, my IFComp download mirror, and This may result in some down-time, but I’m not sure exactly what or when. Expect this to happen between now and January 4th, but I may not be able to give much more advance notice than that. I will try to have all the sites (including this forum) back up as quickly as possible, and hopefully the downtime will be minimal. The database will transfer over, so when it’s back up, most likely nobody will even know the difference.


ok, good luck then, and thank you for your dedication!

The forum move is completed. Please let me know if there are any quirks. So far it seems fine.

It’s so nice to have people like you, Merk, who volunteer their time to provide good stuff to the community.

It’s no problem. :slight_smile: