Separate Inform 6 and 7 categories?

Seems like there’s a bit of an Inform 6 renaissance at the moment. I think there’s been more I6 posts than I7 recently! We could split them into two subcategories, do you think this would help?

I’ll make an informal poll (so no guarantee that the most popular option will be implemented.)

  • Split them up
  • Keep them together
  • I don’t care either way

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More than just giving an opinion, does anyone have any concrete ways in which a split would help or hinder them?


A concrete benefit would be not having ugly [I6] or I7: prefixes in topic titles.
Of course you could argue that we could also get that with tagging. :man_shrugging:


I just think there are enough I6-specific topics that each time one appears in the forum, I have to check to see if it’s relevant to me (being an I7-only follower). I assume the same may happen for people who only want to follow the I6 stuff. That seems reason enough for a split.

There’s also a small but not insignificant number of times someone has replied to a question, but not for the Inform it was requested in. Splitting would also stop that happening.



I believe the original intention of having the two together is/was that I7 can use I6 for some of its functionality and this would allow for both to be viewable together. I don’t think that splitting them up will stop people from answering and I6 question with an I7 answer either. Is there a need to make another split for those posts that are about I7 issues that require an I6 solution. The line to be drawn becomes very fractured if this were to be the case.

Yeah, I guess that’s true. Though I still believe it would reduce or stop answers that are out-and-out for the other Inform!


I think it would cut down on the chance of accidentally posting, say an I7 solution when I6 code is requested. (Having made that blunder myself!) :blush: People are more likely to be aware of which forum they’re currently browsing, I think.


Being interested in I6 and not I7, I would certainly prefer them to be split up. People forget to tag, and I often end up reading posts I’m not interested in or missing posts I’m interested in.


I would also prefer them to be split but I wonder how we are going to sort the 6591 existing posts into the two categories? Of those only 27 are tagged “Inform6” so the tag isn’t going to help.

Perhaps old unsorted posts could be present in both categories until they get sorted?

Topics can’t be in two categories unfortunately (only tags). If we do this I was intending to just migrate the I6 topics from the last few months, maybe the last year. If older topics get bumped we can move them as well of course.


I would definitely prefer if they were split. I am not interested in Inform 7 and stumbled on quite a few threads that I found being not relevant but I clicked on them as the version of the Inform syntax was not clear in advance. That just unnecessarily wastes this precious little thing we call life.

The prefixes is a carryover from the days of r.a.i.f, allowing people to quickly glance the posts about their favorite compiler(s); side point, I quickly find the Inform-related NG messages in the mare magnum of tens of thousands of posts or so posts via, e.g. grep ‘Subject:’ |grep Inform |less :wink:

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My own sense is that I6 and I7 are completely different languages. So, yes, they really belong in separate categories.

But… With regard to I6 code that is embedded in I7, that’s really Inform 7…

If an Inform 6 solution is being proposed for an Inform 7 problem, that really does belong with I7. It’s certainly of more interest to people coding in Inform 7 than to those working in Inform 6.

In most cases, the post would be arise as an I7 question. A solution should (I think) include not only the embedded I6 code but also the supporting I7 framework.

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Also most pure I6 topics here are using one of the I6 libraries, and there is now zero overlap between those and I7.

Looks like most people like the idea of splitting these up. I’ll keep the poll going a little longer in case someone who only visits once a week has a strong opinion they’d like to share.


Alright, this is done! I went back and moved all the topics I could tell were about Inform 6 from the past year, but I probably missed some. Feel free to move them yourself if you’re at a high enough trust level (or you’re the author), or you can write a flag to tell us to move them.


Perhaps it’s also time to revisit giving adventuron its own category. It seems to have been getting a fair amount of interest recently.


creeping featurisms… :wink:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Oh, @Dannii, I just noticed the change. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can now concentrate on the Inform 6 posts and ignore the others.

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I sometimes wonder if you are serious or if you are joking. If there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, what a bore!

I found two very small issues. (But nothing serious. :slightly_smiling_face:)

The description of the Inform 7 category (as seen here or by hovering the category next to a topic’s title) still mentions it’s for Inform 6. It’s should be updated to reflect that it’s still applicable to Inform 6, but only when used in the context of Inform 7.

Also, there’s a typo in the description of the Inform 6 category (“langauge” instead of “language”).


Oops, fixed both of them, thanks!