self-illustrating IF

So, if can be made to plug into Inform 7, it will suddenly become a graphical adventure creator! Scribblenauts was only the beginning…

Umm this is fascinating.

Í must have a horrible mind, but all I can really think about is the limitations of this system.

But busterwrites’ adjective is the best - it’s exactly what it is.

Hey, this provides everything an author of AIF will ever need.

The giant T-Rex is shooting lasers out of its eyes.
A robot android ninja assassin wearing sunglasses and wielding a laser katana and machine gun is riding the T-Rex.
Giant squids are attacking from the sky and are getting shot by the T-Rex and the android ninja assasin.
Around all this, pink floppy unicorns are dancing on rainbows.

That’s how I read that sentence.

Now I feel kinda disappointed.

Could someone with an account put this in and tell us what comes out? :slight_smile:

(I suspect it’ll complain like I7 does when people actually think it’ll magically understand what it’s saying. But why not give it a whirl?)

If only we could use this to auto-generate 3D maps…

You imagine an amazing true to life map of Anchorhead, the Colossal Cave of Adventure, the endless domains of Endless Nameless…

But it would just be a load of boxes with generic labels too tiny to read - the same as regular 2d maps.

Not necessarily, if this could parse out the scenery from room descriptions.

A lot of IF scenery is invisible unless you refer to it in a command. I wonder if Quest game files tag scenery?

Thank you for your interest in Wordseye! You can click on this link and get immediate access: … iction-Nov

We are excited to hear what you think and look forward to seeing your posts in the Gallery!

Gary Zamchick

a wordseye twist on an old favorite

Wordseye is more a generative art application than an AI artist which can make words into a perfect picture in one try. The default output needs a human to zoom/pan to target a subject and to apply effects. Objects aren’t sized to be compatible (the library is a hodgepodge) so you will need to specify attributes to fix their sizes.

I tried to make specific images but the free library of 3d-models and textures isn’t big (the model is that you can pay for access to more) - if you’re serious then you bring your own models and textures - but then if you’re serious why not use professional art and 3d tools which offer real-time feedback?

This web app is free and If you have lots of time then it’s fun to play around and see what cool images result. I don’t see any scenes in the gallery with 100 objects, I guess it’s aimed at sharing a quick idea on social media.