Seeking to hire a writing partner - 'Subvert'

We’re releasing a mobile application on Android; Apple’s later down the line. The coding is 90%-95% done. At this point, two chapters are in testing. Combined, they are just under 30k words. The Universe is built, and the story is structured out, open to modifications, though. Why have a writing team if you’re not going to take advantage of the different views? It’s played within a messaging interface, so it’s all dialogue-based. The script is written in Twine and exported into Unity.

As most of you know, it’s relatively easy for an IF to branch out into a monster, so I want to bring on another writer to help with branches. We would be working side by side within the same chapters, so communication is key. I have had people in the past start but easily get overwhelmed and bow out. We’re looking at releasing chapters bi-weekly, so I prefer to find someone for long the haul, there is pay, and depending on the amount we’re open to discussing back end options. We will own everything so keep that in mind, however, you will get writing credit. Please, don’t hesitate with any questions.

Below is a link to our Google store. The app there is old and not really playable, but you can get an idea of what we have via the storefront.

Google Play Store: SUBVERT

Summary: As directed by his totalitarian state, Sam, an Ibrida, works as an AI engineer to serve his homeworld, Utopia, and his Creators, The Naoum. Questioning the scriptures preached to him daily by the Hierarchs; Sam uses his skills as an engineer to Subvert and create SID, a Heretical AI. Using SID, he searches for truth in otherworldly life. When SID finally picks up on Christina’s signal, a young woman in post-societal America, Sam’s political dissidence expands beyond Utopia. Evading the Hierarchs, he aids Christina in her search for her mother through an apocalyptic wilderness. Along the way, they both learn morality is not always black and white, and sometimes chaos is the only way to finding the truth; perception is only half of reality.

Thanks for your time and interest!
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