Seeking testers for 'The Samurai and the Kappa'

I’m looking for testers for my entry in Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024. The title is The Samurai and the Kappa. It is set in the early Edo period of Japan and is based on Japanese mythology. The game is full of Japanese terms, culture and traditions - all explained, no prior knowledge needed.

There is some adult content (nudity, sexual references and adult themes), which is hopefully done in a tasteful way, but don’t let little kids play it.

There is a tutorial at the beginning, as this is required by the comp, and this part leads you by the hand to a large extent.

Once you get beyond the tutorial, you have to seek a lot of information from the many non-player characters in order to progress. This means a lot of talking to characters and asking them about things, which is probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

I think this is probably a largish game, so expect to spend a few hours on it. The game is supposed to be suitable for beginners, but I’m concerned that a couple of the puzzles may be too hard for beginners. I need feedback on this.

If you’d like to test this, please send me a personal message and I’ll send you the download link and password. You’ll need to download the z-code file and play it with an interpreter of your choice. I’ll add a Parchment version for the final release.

Testing will need to be completed by around 15 April 2024, as submissions close on 30 April 2024.


Hello Garry!

I would be happy to beta test it, sounds intriguing. Keep in mind that I’ve never beta tested anything and I haven’t played a lot over the last few years. But maybe that makes me perfect as you have beginners in mind!

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Thanks, I’ll send the details and test yours, as well.

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would be happy to help.

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Thanks, I’ll send details in a moment. I noticed that your game that I tested a little while back is in Spring Thing. Good luck.