Seeking testers for PataNoir release 5 … oir.gblorb

Release 5 of PataNoir is now in open beta. This release includes an interactive tutorial, and a simplified keyword parser interface. Feedback can be sent to the e-mail in the About menu.

I just thought I’d bump this now that the Comp is over. I would love to get some feedback on my parser optimizations :slight_smile:.

Hey Simon–

I played (and loved) PataNoir, and left a review of the 5th release.

I think the game is ready for prime-time! The early puzzles were (at times) a little frustrating, or shoehorned feeling, but they were intended to be a little bit tutorial, right?

Everything after the confrontation felt incredibly polished and smooth. Your game made me feel very, very smart & pleased with myself!

Thanks for the kind words, streever :slight_smile:. I’ve uploaded the game to the archive, and updated IFDB.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the game, you can pm them to me, or send a mail to the address in the about menu.