Seeking Testers for Ma Tiger's Terrible Trip (Multiplayer) for Spring Thing

See the title. Ma Tiger’s Terrible Trip is a 2-player, reasonably cooperative Twine game, where you play a brother and sister who haven’t seen each other for a while. Also your mom might be doing crimes.

Unfortunately, because it’s a multiplayer game, this means that I can’t just throw it at people! If you happen to have your own partner to play with, great - send me a DM and I’ll send over the game on Monday (when I’ll have it reasonably done). If you haven’t got one, please either DM/email me with your availability for March 21-29 or put your availability up in this Doodle poll: Doodle and I’ll try and either play it with you, or pair you up with somebody.


I’ve just been informed by somebody that they’d like to help test the game, but aren’t able to commit to a 4-hour timeslot, as the Doodle I put up has 4 timeslots marked in 4 hours. The actual testing should only take an hour, at most! The Doodle poll is meant to collect availability, and I’ll contact anybody who fills it out with a specific time within the period, depending on if I or other testers can make it.

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