Seeking testers for IfComp 2021 game: "Cygnet Committee"

Hello, I’m seeking beta testers for a Twine game. The game is a distant homage to surrealist military sci-fi like Metal Gear Solid and System Shock 2 (but without violence).

The game will not work on mobile devices. You will need a desktop/laptop PC, sound, and ideally a USB mouse.

There is a large amount of custom javascript and code, so I am packaging it in a standalone app to avoid cross-browser issues. The package is about 150 MB.

The game will be available for testing by the week of June 28, possibly earlier. I don’t intend to make huge changes, but puzzles and small things can be changed if they are troublesome.

It is reasonably long; I am willing to pay a little if time is an issue for you, or if you want to hunt for bugs.

Please email; let me know if you’ve tested or written other games in the past.


Is this a game you made with Harlow or Sugarcube?