Seeking testers for IfComp 2021 game: "Cygnet Committee"

Hello, I’m seeking beta testers for a Twine game. The game is a distant homage to surrealist military sci-fi like Metal Gear Solid and System Shock 2 (but without violence).

The game will not work on mobile devices. You will need a desktop/laptop PC, sound, and ideally a USB mouse.

There is a large amount of custom javascript and code, so I am packaging it in a standalone app to avoid cross-browser issues. The package is about 150 MB.

The game will be available for testing by the week of June 28, possibly earlier. I don’t intend to make huge changes, but puzzles and small things can be changed if they are troublesome.

It is reasonably long; I am willing to pay a little if time is an issue for you, or if you want to hunt for bugs.


Is this a game you made with Harlow or Sugarcube?


Bumping this thread. The first round of testing went well and gained favorable comments from @CMG and mixed reviews from the other testers. The game has been revamped and streamlined a little and I am seeking two more testers to try things out.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to swap testing duties, but I can pay you for your time if necessary.

It has been brought to my attention that testing means you will not be able to vote on the game during the comp (and obviously you won’t be able to vote if I pay for testing, too).