Seeking testers for 'Cargo Breach'

I’m nearly finished writing a game for PunyJam #4 and am now seeking testers. Under the rules of the jam, the player gets an indication that something is wrong at the start of the game or within the first five moves. That, together with the title, should give you a bit of an idea what you’re in for.

It’s a parser-based game written in Inform 6 using the PunyInform library (obviously), so you’ll need to be comfortable downloading a z5 file and playing it with your favourite interpreter. (I’ll do a web-based version for the final release.)

The game is set aboard a steam ship in 1917 (during the latter half of The Great War). It’s a smallish game with lots of puzzles. These could potentially be difficult, but I’ve tried to hint them as best as possible.

Game submissions close on 17 December 2023, so I’ll need feedback by (say) 13 December 2023. If you can help out, send me a personal message and I’ll send you the download link and password as soon as I’ve uploaded it, hopefull within the next 24 hours.


I’m in asap. Will send you mine tonight (CET) and so we can exchange.

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