Seeking testers for an experimental IF mini game "Pumpkin Pie"

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for a few kind souls who would be interested in playing a small experimental IF game that runs on an iPhone (or iPad or iPod). It works somewhat like traditional parser-based interactive fiction, however the story is read out aloud to you, and you respond with gestures (swiping and tapping).

I could imagine one could play it while reclining in a couch with your eyes closed. Alternatively, don headphones and enjoy while walking the dog, or riding the train to work.

I am curious to see how playing interactive fiction this way might work. I am aware of audio voice-driven branching fiction available on those music-playing boxes, but I want the player to be able to explore the fictional world at their own pace, allowing their own curiosities to move the narrative along. This is the part about IF that fascinates me the most.

I would expect the game can be completed in about 10 to 15 minutes. The story isn’t sophisticated, and the puzzles are simple. I was hoping for some feedback to help me decide if I should invest the time to author something a bit more involved.

Please DM me if you’d like to give it a go. You’ll need an iPhone/iPad/iPod running iOS 15, and the app is distributed via Apple’s “Test Flight” app (instructions in the email). Optional review survey, or just shoot an email or reply here.

Many thanks!



This sounds fascinating, but sadly I have all Android gear. Let me see if I can borrow an Apple. If I can, I’ll get back to you because I would like to try this.

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I am sorry, both my iphone and ipad has passed by in 2 weeks.


Sure, I can send a generic link so you could do a temporarily install on a borrowed iThing.
If I get beyond the experimental phase, an Android client would be in the works.


Ok then, send it to me.

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