Seeking Testers for a Two-Player Parser Demo-- Testers found!

Testers found!

OK, I have a 2-player Inform 7 game that needs a look. It is meant to be played concurrently with a partner, with the expectation that partners will be in communication during play.

It’s a straight-up room escape puzzle-fest with a very thin plot. I am primarily interested in whether or not the mechanic works, and whether or not it is fun, or could be fun with tweaking. So I’m looking for people to just play it, not to try and break it or point out every typo. I don’t want to spend any more time on it if it’s a failed experiment, so that’s what I need to know.

If it’s just not fun, I can accept that. If you have any ideas for how to alter it so it could be fun, or funner, I would like to hear those. If you have a great idea of your own for how to use the mechanism, knock yourself out.

I would guess it’s about 30 minutes play time, but I’m a horrible judge of that, so it could be an hour if the puzzles turn out to be difficult. There is a hint system and walkthrough.

If anyone is interested, say so in this thread and hopefully I can put a team or two together for playing. This is NOT for ParserComp, so please prioritize any requests to test ParserComp games over this.

PS- If you have someone IRL who can play with you, just DM me and I’ll send you the game files (there are 2 separate files, one for each player) and the walkthroughs.


I’m interested and I’d like to play this game.

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Thanks, Edo! Let’s see if someone else volunteers and then you’ll have a partner.

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Ok, I can give it a try.


Can Jade and I play as partners?


Ok, I think we need to fix a timetable.

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