Seeking testers for a demo of my first game [Age of Rebirth]

Greetings to all,
We come to this forum, requesting victims and guinea pigs for a short start for our interactive play, and their thoughts and options about what they have endured…

???: … What we mean is that we seek beta-testers for our game. It is a dark fantasy setting, which (will have/has) mature (contents/words), centered on a world that has been conquered recently by outside deities and you are a lowly and pathetic mortal trying to improve your life, for what reason? Well, that’s up to you to decide, and make it happen.

…: Indeed, the demonstration includes a basic character-creation process and a short introduction to the story, which are yet to be completed due to our sloth and lack of focus.

For those who are willing to test it, here it is;

RPG Age of (509,4,KB)


Welcome to the forum, and congrats on getting so far with your first game! This is usually a great place to get testers, but I thought it’d be worth flagging that this is the second day of the community’s big event, IF Comp – yesterday, 74 new pieces of IF were released and between now and November 15, many folks are trying to play, rate, and/or review as many of them as possible. So this can actually be a pretty tough time to get testers; hopefully you’ll get a good response, but if not, I wanted to encourage you to bump this post in a month or so, when the Comp frenzy has abated a bit, since you might have better luck then!


I understand, in the meantime, i will improve and complete some of the parts of the game. Thanks for the message.


@TheOneBellowAll, I’m willing to test your game! Message me and I’ll check it out.


I posted the newest version of my game, I have added some images and made some grammar changes with the help of @Hidnook, many thanks to her.
RPG Age of (509,4,KB)

Here it is some images I made:
Ruffian HiredMuscle DraconianHunter


Yesterday I published my game on where anyone can play it.

Give a try to this new version with far less bugs.