Seeking tester(s?) for latter half of large puzzly TADS parser game (CLOSED)

Hi folks!
I started appealing for testers early this year, but I still don’t consider the game adequately tested, which isn’t entirely surprising since it is a very large game.

I’m looking for someone who would be willing to jump into the game halfway through, and test the later parts. The game has a readthrough mode which could allow a player to simply watch/read the game play itself all the way up to the point in question, if you want more context of what has transpired in the game already. It would be quite a bit of reading, even so.

Of course no one must commit to testing the whole thing; even a few stabs here and there would be helpful. I’d be willing to trade testing for ParserComp or any other parser testing in general.

The game is lighthearted with a variety of colorful scenarios, set in a pseudo-medieval fantasy world, but it’s not the standard fare of knight quests and dragons.

Let me know if you’d be willing to help… thanks so much!