Seeking someone fluent in Russian to help with Unix Frotz's Cyrillic handling

Some progress is being made to get Unix Frotz to use the Cyrillic alphabet, but I need some help from people who actually know Russian to make sure things are working correctly. There’s an Issue at Gitlab for handling this (

Mostly done. Filename input needs work. Then it’s on to making sure this works for the dumb, dos, and sdl interfaces.

UTF-8 input and output for the curses interface is complete. Next up is the dumb interface so that IF-playing bots can play games using UTF-8. Then it’s the SDL interface.

The DOS interface will not get this enhancement because DOS has no built-in way of handling UTF-8. It could possibly be done by implementing all the coding within Frotz and outputting in graphical mode. It might work for 386 and above, but not for the original PC and similar machines.

UTF-8 support can be disabled at compile-time.

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