Seeking Second Wave Beta Testers / Readers for IFComp 2021 Entry

Hello folks,

I’m looking for beta testers for an IFComp 2021 entry called Beneath Fenwick.

This is a suspense game with horror overtones. It is designed to play like a parser-based game but without a parser. Everything is point-and-click, but you can pick up, drop, and manipulate objects in it, like you can in a parser game. It’s based on Twine/Sugarcube 2, including a large set of macros of my own design.

You manipulate an object by selecting it, which brings up a description. In that description is a short menu of what you can do with it. These menus change based on existing conditions. For example, you might be able to insert something into something else, but you’d only get that option if both things were present, etc…

This game is designed to work on both desktop and mobile. If you are able to test on mobile and provide related feedback, that would be awesome.

I’m specifically looking for help to make sure the puzzles make sense. Also, I’ve been rightfully accused of writing somewhat purple prose in the past, and I want to make sure there’s a minimum to none of that in this work. And although the interface appears to be bug-free, you just never know. And finally, any thoughts on the overall story are very welcome.

Please PM me if you’re interested. I will provide a link to the game and a walkthrough.


Accidentally posted PM here.