Seeking screenreader testers for 'I Am Prey'

Okay, so the deadline for SpringThing 2023 rushed toward me like an high-speed train, and once I got the AI opponent in the game, it was the day of submission, and I was on the phone with two testers while I gathered and fixed last-minute bugs as the testers were finding them minute-to-minute.

This put me in a really annoying spot.

I have a goal to put screen readers and accessibility in top priority when I make my games. However, I was utilizing nearly every hour of every day for 3 straight months to make this game playable at all, so I actually missed the chance to get feedback from my specified target audience before I submitted the game’s beta version to the competition.

I had planned to get feedback from screen reader users during the competition, but I was worried that this could be interpreted as an attempt to get more votes for Best In Show, so I decided to just step away from it completely, until the winners were announced.

So, with my sincerest apologies to screen reader users everywhere, I am now in a position to finally post this on the forum. This has been chewing away at me for a long time.

I first want to rewrite the how-to-play document, and include an in-game version of it. Once I do that, I would deeply appreciate volunteer testers. I’m mostly looking to know if the prose is clear, what feedback there is for the in-game map mode, and if the alternative formatting adjustments I made for screen reader mode ever have any problems, if the tutorial document is accessible, if the in-game version is also accessible, etc.

I Am Prey is a horror-lite parser written in TADS 3, where the player tries to collect parts of an environment suit to escape, while the predator hunts for clues you’ve left behind to track you down. Evasion and thorough situational awareness are both key to survival.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to help with testing, then feel free to either write a comment here or send me a direct message. Once I have the next version of the game beta and the tutorial document complete, I’ll message the volunteers.

Thank you in advance for your time, patience, assistance, and understanding.