Seeking Public Domain intro to parser, like Worldsmith

I’d like to see a basic brief intro to Interactive Fiction parser usage in HTML that has a small number of graphics and a flexible layout. My desire is to introduce to new mobile app users, but really the entire community could build upon it.

Worldsmith and The Game of Worlds TOURNAMENT includes one that I think serves as an example of ‘simple and short’ that I’m talking about: … ndex.html# – click on the 2nd icon in the upper left. You will see 7 section intro “Getting Started”, “Saving and loading your Game”, etc. It has just a few basic graphics and a brief animation of “TAKE LAMP” being typed into a command prompt.

I ask that the license be public domain and allow any usage. This is most flexible for the community. If there is something like this already out there in Public Domain, MIT, BSD, Apache license - let me know. I suggest posting on Github, or upload here as a ZIP file… and I can post it on Github and deal with merges and contributions. Thank you.

It occurs to me that a public-domain IFWiki that is focused on players, howto, walkthroughs and such - independent of the index of the current IFWIki - would be of use. I again encourage Public Domain so people can download these and include them for offline play in mobile apps and such - without concern of tracking down some copyright holder from 5 years ago that may no longer be on the IF scene.

I’d assume you mean aside from IFDB? iPhone Frotz interfaces with it and downloads automatically within the app.

Does it have a WIki that allows multiple people to edit the same tips/hints on how to play IF (specific story or otherwise)?

Pages on IFDB are editable by anyone, but is not Wiki-style. Reviews of games can have comments, so perhaps you could kludge it - post a tutorial game and make it clear that people reading the page can comment.

Could you perhaps create an IFWiki page specific to your purposes? Those aren’t forums, really though.

Perhaps start a blog with open comments which allows people to submit their own tips?

A blog and forum postings are often very time-oriented. But, people are often playing stories years apart, and leaving tips/hints. I’m also concerned about using IFDB as spoilers could be an issue - having a separate fork of IFWiki like “” that has it’s own index of latest changed pages, etc.