Seeking playtesters for: Temple of Syrinx (2112)

On December 11, 2021 I looked at the date (21-12) and had a brilliant idea. I had played an ancient IF called 2112, but never finished the game because of various bugs and annoyances. My idea was: “Let’s recreate 2112 in Inform 7.”

The game 2112 exists as a DOS program (IFDB entry). There is no source code available and no walkthru. It appears to have been an assignment in a programming course, or some kind of demo. I basically had to reverse engineer the entire game. Thankfully, most of the game data was in mostly plain text DAT files, which helped a lot. I also found a solution file that gave me the basic plot and the absolute minimum “moves.”

Now, after a few starts and stops, I have finally completed the recreation, now called “Temple of Syrinx (2112)”, and I’m seeking testers to put the game through the ringer.

Be forewarned, the game is exceptionally violent (the goal of the game is, after all, to violently overthrow the Priests before the Solar Federation arrives and lays waste to everything). The original game approaches, and may even exceed “Cruel” on the Zarfian forgiveness scale. The revised game may be somewhere between “Nasty” and “Cruel.”


I certainly hope the other goal in the game is to rock hard.

(Sorry, my dance card is full, I can’t beta test at the moment.)

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Well, there are a few hard rocks…

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What a great project!

I’ve hesitated several times to download and play the original, but was put off each time by the comments about bugs and excessive Cruelty.

I could start picking your remake apart after the weekend. Just send the file to me in a PM and I’ll disembowel carefully and attentively play and test it.

I don’t match with zarfian’s cruel games. I agree games where you have to learn the plot playing them several times but this is another kind of difficulty. So I decline your offer by now. Nevertheless if you had no testers I could give the game a try.

If anyone’s looking for other IF games based on Rush songs, check out 1982 from the original Shufflecomp. (Are there others?)

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