Seeking playtesters for open-ended horror game for Spring Thing

Hey, y’all! My intended Spring Thing entry, Studio, is ready for testing! It’s an I7 Bisquixe horror game centering on a woman who has found herself alone in a very difficult situation.

It’s not too long (one playthrough is less than half an hour), but it has several branching endings and is intended to be played multiple times in a single sitting.

If you’re interested in helping test it, send me a PM and I’ll send over the info ASAP! Thanks in advance!


What type of horror is it? Psychological? Gore? Comedy? What age rating would you give the game? What content warnings are there?


I’d call it psychological horror. I try not to put hard age limits and instead say “for mature audiences”, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone younger than 16.

Content warnings (potential mild spoilers)

Strong language, frightening scenes, bloody violence, death and murder; one brief reference to (but no depictions of) sexual violence

I’ll help out. How do I PM you?

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Click their profile picture and choose “message”.

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