Seeking new owner(s) for and Quest

So I just saw this announcement today. (I’m not involved with this–just trying to spread the word.) … and-quest/

Thanks for sharing this.

One thing I want to point out is is the place people come when they’re searching for text adventures on the web - usually around 3,500 people every day, sometimes up to 5,000. It is an important gateway into the world of interactive fiction. The IF community will be losing an important entry point if this is lost.

Take Alexa rankings with a grain of salt obviously but the site ranks higher than sites like IFDB, and

Happy to share more analytics if that helps - the figures I dig out of Google Analytics will obviously be more accurate than Alexa’s estimates.

I’m writing a follow-up blog post with more details of the technical implementation as it currently is - but in a nutshell, C# with ASP.NET MVC, running on Azure and making extensive use of both SQL and Azure blob and table storage.

The site is not just about Quest games and hasn’t been for some time. You don’t have to take on Quest itself as that can go to a different maintainer. The new owner has a great opportunity to turn the website into an even better portal for all things IF.

I am open to any proposals from people who want to take this on. It’s not necessarily about continuing with things in their current form - I’d be much happier to hand it over to somebody who has a vision for where it could go.

I’m happy to take questions here. If you have a proposal or want to discuss things further then please email me at

Is there command-line version?

If there was a way for a volunteer to handle this, but pull a monthly donation from several people to specifically cover its upkeep, I’d be willing to pitch in $5/month.

Here’s a bit more info on what would be involved in taking this on: … rs-needed/

As Alex has blogged, a group of people has agreed to take this on - including me! … o-uk-team/

Not sure quite how this will work out over the next few weeks, but Alex has promised to get us all up to speed, so should be interesting times, and it looks like the future of Quest is assured.

Excellent, glad to hear it.

Great news!

Congratulations and good luck! It sounds like Quest’s future is in good hands.

I’m glad somebody will be taking over the ship! Thank you so much!

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Excellent and congratulations!