Seeking last-minute Beta Testers for Spring Thing parser game

Hello, esteemed IF community!

I’m hoping there are a few volunteers out there to do some last-minute beta-testing for a game I completed for Spring Thing. The game is entitled Octpus’s Garden and is relatively short (30-60 minutes for newcomers? I can easily complete within 5 minutes).

If you’re interested, please direct message me. I very much appreciate the help, especially on such short notice.


Michael D. Hilborn


I’m not sure if this is a typo or not, but shouldn’t the title Octpus’s Garden be Octopus’ Garden? When indicating the possessive of a word ending in ‘s’, you don’t add another ‘s’.

My experience has been that it varies. Some people/style guides do it like you say, some only omit the second s for plural nouns (sharks’ fins but octupus’s garden), some have more granular rules depending on spelling/pronunciation details (Scott Adams’s games vs. Scott Adams’ games, goodness’ sake vs. goodness’s sake), and so forth.


Sure, I will!

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