Seeking Freeware DAAD Games

Hello everyone,

I’m an enthusiast of text adventures and I’m particularly interested in games created using the DAAD (Digital Adventure Authoring Domain) system. I’ve already come across a couple of gems like En Busca del Parser Perdido and Hibernated 1 - This Place is Death, which are both fantastic examples of what can be done with DAAD.

I was wondering if anyone here could recommend other freeware games that were developed using DAAD. I’m always on the lookout for new adventures to dive into, and I would greatly appreciate any pointers to games that I might not have discovered yet.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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-El cetro del sol: a text adventure by Toni Pera which I tested and ported to different 8-16 bit systems: El Cetro del Sol

-Torreoscura: a work by Bieno Marti using the Quillo which I ported to the ZX Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad PCW using DAAD: Torreoscura

-El día que lo entiendas se acaba el mundo: a short experimental IF work I wrote for the 2018 Rayuela jam which was about our views about religión: El día que lo entiendas se acaba el mundo

-Port de Vampiro para DAAD: Port para DAAD de Proyecto Vampiro

-Explorando el castillo maldito: yet another experiment, making a choice based IF work using DAAD: Explorando el castillo maldito.

-Nutca: a Speccy adventure by Diego Pardal which I had the honour to test, winner of the 2023 Bytemaniacos text adventure contest: Nutca by Diego Pardal

These are just the ones I’ve been involved with. There are a lot of others :grinning:


A search on CASA lists 84 games.

A search on IFDB lists 26 games.

If you do a search on various 8-bit forums, I’m sure you’ll find more. As @rockersuke pointed out, most of them are in Spanish. Certainly the early ones published by Aventuras AD were in Spanish.

EDIT: Here’s another one called Zakil Wood that’s not listed in either of the above searches.


Incidentally, Hibernated 1 was written with PunyInform, not DAAD.

The original (controversial, at least here on intfiction) version was DAAD. Or Quill. I can’t remember. It’s still listed in IFDB iirc. The “director’s cut” is Puny.


As you have been told, there is a large list of adventures written in DAAD, for my part I have written 3 adventures in DAAD, 2 of which are translated into English:
Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur
The errand boy
The elves of Maroland
All of them with free download on their website.


Garry is right in saying that the version you linked to was not made with DAAD. The “Director’s Cut” version was reimplemented and improved using PunyInform, but the original did have DAAD versions released, albeit they came down a long winding path starting with the original Quilled C64 version, which then was translated into a PAWs version for Spectrum and CP/M, which then ended up being transcoded into releases for DAAD on varies hardware platforms.

Many of the games in the list of DAAD titles on CASA also started out as Quilled or PAWed games as it is fairly straightforward (but non-trivial) to move code from those platforms to run on the DAAD system.

I think I’ve converted all my own PAWed games to DAAD. I tend to write using the PAW, which is virtually identical in its basics, for the Spectrum and then will port the games to use DAAD on other platforms. Microfair Madness & other ZX Spectrum text adventure games