Seeking beta testers

Hi! I’m looking for people to beta test my new Twine, (working title: “A Trial.”) You play as someone who has lost her name and has to go in search of a new one. The setting is a weird dystopia, so the mood is a bit “down” (but not unremittingly so.) Play is focused on exploration: there aren’t many Big Events or puzzles. It has ten or so endings, most of which can be reached in 5-10 minutes as the crow flies. (Keywords: names, laws, love, tests, lists, Centers, gender, red, friendly bushes)

I welcome testers in whatever capacity you prefer. If you just want to look for bugs and typos, great. If you want to venture a comment on what confused or intrigued you, also great. If you want to expound upon an intergalactic conspiracy, I ask only that you stick to the parts relevant to my piece.

Those interested can message me here or email me at If you’d like to try some of my earlier stuff, links are on my Twitter account (@winningcake).