Seeking beta testers for Spring Thing!

Hey everyone! As the Spring Thing deadline looms, we’re looking for a few more testers for the full version of Loose Ends, an intrigue-based vampire murder mystery—and last year’s Introcomp winner. It’s set in the World of Darkness, but we’d really appreciate testers who don’t know the source material, to make sure we don’t use too much weird terminology without explaining it!


Did you get permission for that one?

Despite having multiple World of Darkness related titles under their belt for CoG, I have never touched them. So you’re saying…

Not individually, but they have a very generous license agreement for this sort of thing, especially if it’s non-commercial. (They even allow you to commercialize your fan-made games, there are just more hoops to jump through.)


Do you still need any beta testers? I know nothing about World of Darkness, but I do have testing experience, so I would seem to be your target audience. How long is the playtime expected to be?

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