Seeking beta testers for dark comedy, sci-fi, puzzle-based game of medium length

Hi all,

Thanks for considering helping me polish this game. It’s called “Nothing Could be Further from the Truth”. It is the second in a series, although the game stands on its own. For reference, the previous game can be found here:

The setting of the new game (the Bunker) is the same, and it is similar in style. The situation, however, is completely different. If you enjoy science fiction and social satire, I am hoping this is a game that would appeal to you.

Here is the working description:

Welcome to the Bunker, an orderly, underground utopia where everyone’s needs have been satisfied.

You, Oliva Mirram, are a dust bunny assigned to Research Lab A-U61, a facility in the Developmental Engineering conglomerate. A young but aspiring citizen of the Bunker, your lowly job is to keep the unrestricted areas of the lab free of grime and dust.

One daystretch you linger longer than you should, and suddenly, your boring, dust-free existence gets turbo-charged. There is a freak accident, and you find yourself the primary suspect. Naturally, you set out to clear your good name but are inevitably drawn into a web of intrigue whose nexus is Research Lab A-U61 itself. Chased by persistent bouts of sneezing, you must harness the technology left behind in the lab to achieve your goals. But be careful! It’s all you can do to avoid being frozen, consumed, pierced, poisoned, knocked out, smashed up, or filled with holes.

In the process you will also decide whether Research Lab A-U61 thrives or dies. Either way, one thing is certain: the days of the innocent, little dust bunny bullied by her supervisor, Nur Dular, are over. As for the suspicions swirling that you yourself were responsible for the freak accident that kicked off this entire adventure in the first place: nothing could be further from the truth.

Thanks in advance, beta testers!


Is it a parser or a choice game?

It’s written in Inform 7. I see now I neglected to mention it. Thanks for asking.

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If you send me a file I’ll see if I can find time…

If you’re still looking I’d love to take a look.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far. The game has come a long way.

I am still looking for one or two more testers if there are any more brave souls out there!

Thanks in advance.