Seeking Beta Testers for an expanded Cloak of Darkness in ZIL

I’ve made a longer (more detailed and puzzly) version of CoD (Cloak of Darkness) to show off and prove ZIL’s features. It’s small and easy. Any testers?


This sounds interesting. I’m tied up with PunyJam at the moment, but could take a look a little later. What new features does it include? Any plans to promote this as the new baseline for demonstrating other authoring systems?

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I think that would make sense. It includes lighting, locked doors, enterable objects, pronoun changing (I, you, he/she, we, you (plural), and they. Soon will be an NPC that can do pretty much anything.

Oh, and since it’s new-parser ZIL, unless a verb specifies, you can reference an object by “[object] IN [said object’s container]” (like PUT THE WRENCH IN THE THING INTO THE BOX meaning PUT WRENCH IN BOX, but for any verb, and as a way of disambiguation).

On that, you can do the classic EVERYWHERE/MOBY syntaxes, which means reference an object which is anywhere in the game, as other languages can. Plus it’s more sophisticated than the ZILF one.

One other thing which I really like is an easy way to have three nouns in the game.

Ooh, and optional quotes (like in Trinity), hints and score, of course!

If you wish to try it, please PM!


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