"Seeking Ataraxia" question

Is anyone else having technical problems with this? I was playing it offline. Some of the punctuation isn’t showing up correctly, so, for example, you see stuff like this:

I also ran into some things that seemed like maybe variables weren’t being tracked properly. I wasn’t sure if it was the game or something wrong on my end. (FWIW, when I open it online in the same browser I was using offline, the quotation marks show up correctly.)

Screwed-up smart quotes is a not-atypical failure of taking HTML games offline. When you play online, the HTTP server sends you metadata for files, including content encoding. When you play from the filesystem, that metadata is absent. Your browser is now guessing content encoding, and it’s apparently guessing wrong.

Depending on the browser, you may be able to override its guess. Look for an “Encoding” option.

That helps, thanks! I guess the state tracking is a separate issue then.

You can store that data in the HTML file:


Hmm. I opened up the HTML file and it does have a line like that:

<meta charset="utf-8">

I do not know what circumstances lead to that not helping.

The downloadable version seems to be corrupted; the character encoding has been saved wrong and there’s garbage characters at the start of the file. If you open the online play version and use the browser’s “Save page as” feature you should get a correct version. It may or may not help with the state tracking issue.


For anyone who wishes a quick downloadable link for this game and not much aggravation:


Right-click save-as should work on the link above. Whether it proceeds to work properly afterwards depends on the game, but in my experience this usually works nicely. You’ll be saving a file that’s almost 5mbs.


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Oh snap I didn’t even think about what subforum this was in. Posts redacted. Thanks for the heads up