Seeking artist to illustrate Anchorhead (position filled)

I’m seeking an artist to provide illustrations for a new edition of Anchorhead.

Scope: The project will require between 40-60 illustrations, black & white, half- and quarter-page size, for digital publication only. I am also looking for someone to produce a map of the town of Anchorhead, antique perspective-style (i.e., something like this), print-quality, 8.5x11 landscape. I will provide notes and game text for reference, so you don’t necessarily have to have played the game. However, it will help if you have some familiarity with Lovecraftian genre elements and creepy old New England architecture.

Timeline: I would like to have all of the illustrations in hand by the end of 2016. I plan to release the game in November 2017.

Payment: I am looking to spend in the neighborhood of $800-$1000 (so the amount you charge per illustration will affect how many illustrations I require). Anchorhead will be a free game, so there are no royalties. The artist will retain all rights to their work.

Contact me at if you are interested. Please include a link to a sample of your work and some general info about your pricing structure.

Thank you!

You might want to look for artists on … =lovecraft

You might try asking at ConceptArt. That’s where the author of Vespers 3D (based on Vespers, the winner of IFComp 2005) found an artist to paint the frescos in the game. (And no, the game is still not finished.)

Mike I’ve just posted details of this on Lovecraftian fan site which has many artists there, including professionals.

Also have you seen the fan illustrated play through of Anchorhead? Online here.

Oh, it doesn’t require an account anymore? Sweet!

EDIT - I’m actually let down that they portrayed William. The game made very little effort in describing him physically, and I think that was for the best. William’s great horror is alluded to, but never specified, in true Lovecraftian fashion.

Also check out this H.P. Lovecraft G+ community - people are posting incredible art there that they make. … aQodnrwJGw

For the map, you could check out the forum at – lots of talented mapmakers there, with a particular lean toward fantasy and vintage aesthetics.

I’m excited to see how this will turn out, though I can offer nothing in the way of visual arts.

Just curious, though: why are you paying to get the game illustrated if you don’t plan to sell it?

Position has been filled; thanks to everyone who applied.

Now all we have to do is wait impatiently. Very, very impatiently. Awesomeness is due to ensue.