Seeking advice from a DOS programmer

I have just one more thing I want to do with DOS Frotz before I declare it mature. This is to support enough of the Blorb spec to load zcode, audio samples, and still images – basically support Sherlock, Lurking Horror, and the V6 games from Infocom. Any more of the spec is just too much for DOS, never mind the mess of trying to to support .mod, .ogg, and moving video while having it work in 16-bit mode. The Unix Frotz now handles Blorb, but the DOS port has a problem building a Blorb map. I suspect this may have to do with 16-bit code. I need someone to look at the DOS Frotz code and help me out. The repository is at (not really using Sourceforge anymore). I can provide you with a copy of my DOS development environment if you wish.

I appreciate your comments and advice.

Blorbs are now loading in DOS. The problem was some endian stuff in the blorb code. Now to see if I can get it to load graphics and sound samples.