Seeking a tester to tune up a very short anagram game

Hello everyone!

ClubFloyd did a great job with my very short anagram game I plan to submit for Spring Thing testing. But I’m worried about regressions that popped up from all the fixes they helped pushed (in addition to what programmer-testing turned up,) and also I’d love if someone could check out the code for if you just run around and don’t solve any puzzles for a while.

Or if someone just wants to nitpick the (brief–there are only 8 places to solve) walkthrough and make sure I didn’t mess anything up there, that’s also quite valuable.

There are really only 8 puzzles in the game (well, 9 – a brief non-anagram one,) although solving them is not necessary for what most needs looking at.

Message me here, or if you know my email address, that works great, too. Fellow entrants, I’d be glad to trade efforts, especially for directed/focused testing of your latest changes.



Hi Andrew, I’d be happy to try the game. I may need to refer to the walkthrough but I will try!