Seeing the contents of a table

In Writing With Inform, §16.4. Changing entries, it says:

No matter what I try, this command does not seem to work, even with the example code on the same page:

I tried to see the contents of a table in a story I’m working on and even got the response: “I only understood you as far as wanting to showme The Cemetery.” The Cemetery is a region. The table is called Table of Valuable Actions. The command I issued was “showme the contents of the Table of Valuable Actions”.

Before I light the candle, turn clockwise four times, turn counter-clockwise four times, and use the sledge hammer, can someone provide enlightenment?

This is a phrase to embed in your code, not a debug verb.

Ah, yes I see. That’s explains issue 0001616 in mantis. I assume it’s resolved for a future reslease.

That batch of bugs was resolved for 6M62. I don’t know what changed in the documentation.

The main confusion is that the phrase is “showme”, but unlike other showme commands described elsewhere, this particular one only works as a phrase. The quote from my original post is copied directly from the documentation in 6M62. The text is definitely different than the text referenced in 0001616.

This is why, in the manual index, I have three lines: