SeedComp! - The Results are in!

Hi Everyone!

We have tallied all the votes and looked at all the stickers sent, and the results are in!

First, we would like to thank everyone who have participated in this first edition of the SeedComp!, whether it was submitting a seed, creating a game, reviewing the entries, or filling in the voting form.

During the past months, we saw 69 seeds being submitted to the Planting Round by 41 unique creators, while the Sprouting Round saw 18 entries from 17 authors. As for the voting, 31 lovely people filled in the form, 121 stickers for the games were submitted, and 29 stickers were granted to the seeds (they can be viewed here).

It was incredible to see the amount of enthusiasm for a small comp that came together on a whim. We couldn’t have had this event happen without each of you!

Thank you!

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SeedComp! Organisers Stickers!

Four Special stickers were created by the organisers this year to acknowledge some milestones :

  • The Seeder, for the user who submitted most seeds during the Planting round
  • The Farmer, for the user incorporating the most seeds in a game
  • Seed of All Trades, for the most used seed
  • The Broadcaster, for the most registered seed

And here are the winners!

The Seeder

  • Charm Cochran, for submitting 10 seeds!

The Farmer

  • KADW, who incorporated 11 seeds in the entry Cozy Simulation 2999

Seed of All Trades (tie)

  • Regions of the Acid Factory List of Dreams by KADW
  • No Exit Drones and Groans by Charm Cochran
  • music by Sul_iac

The Broadcaster

  • List of Dreams by KADW

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SeedComp! Nomination Results!

Seed Awards

Most Innovative Seed

  • Room; Closed Door by Charm Cochran

Best Seed (tie)

  • The Witch’s Bakery by Ramona G.
  • Prufrock by Amanda Walker

Game Awards

Best Seed Hybridization

  • free bird. by Passerine

Best Seed Subversion

  • In a minute there is time by Aster

Most Sequel-Worthy

  • prepare for return by MuffiTuffiWuffi

Best Puzzles

  • The Magic Word by bjbest60

Best UI/Visual

  • SCLERA by MeiZi

Best Prose/Writing

  • After the Accident by Amanda Walker

Best Technical

  • In a minute there is time by Aster

Best Story

  • After the Accident by Amanda Walker

And finally…

The Best Overall is awarded to free bird. by Passerine !

Best Overall - Free Bird

Congratulations to all winners!

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All awards and stickers (including the ones submitted by voters) were each given a separate graphic (such as the one above). Participants can find and download them form this Folder.
(If there is a typo, please let me know, and I’ll fix it :slight_smile: )

You can find all Seeds submitted to the Planting round here, and all Games created during the Sprouting round here or on the IFDB. If you are interested in seeing the breakdown of the votes, you can find those in the Excel Sheet. The Sheet also includes all the awarded stickers !


Thanks to the organisers, all the contributors of seeds and games and all the voters. It was a lot of fun.

I had a mind blank when it came to nominating stickers, so I had a good laugh when I read some of them.

There are a few seeds that I would still like to use in future games…maybe.

I’m looking forward to SeedComp 2024.


For a Comp that went from a casual post to a fully realized competition in 14 days, it went far better than any of us could have hoped for. Really humbled by the community’s enthusiasm and already making plans for SeedComp! 2024. Thank for everyone that helped make this a reality and everyone who joined in!


Well done entrants! And well done organizers. What a neat event.


This Comp was just hella fun in both rounds. Thanks so much to the organizers, who got this going unbelievably quickly and made it easy and enjoyable to participate in.

And congrats to @malacostraca for a supremely deserved win! If you haven’t yet played free bird, what are you waiting for???


Wow, thank you! I’m so glad people liked free bird! It’s kind of magical to me that it never would have existed if it weren’t for SeedComp and the seeds submitted by @AmandaB and @OverThinking. Seeing all the other wonderful and diverse games that sprouted from everyone’s seeds was equally magical.

Big thanks to the SeedComp organizers for putting in all that hard work, and well done pulling off such a fun and creative event (and so quickly)!


Ahhh *flaps arms* I won two!! This was so fun, congrats to those who got awards, and everyone who participated at all :smiley: Prufrock seed is definitely worth the Best Seed tie (biased), and so is free bird as the best game - go and play it already!!

Thanks to the organizers also, this was such a brilliant idea. Can’t wait for next time!


A follow-up question for the organizers:

At some point I’d like to take the seeds off my itch page so only playable games are there. This is not urgent in any way, so no pressure, but will you be collecting the old seed assets and storing them elsewhere so we can delete them from our pages?


If you mean removing them from your profile page, you can hide them using the by clicking the Edit Theme button on the top bar, then the Hide button next to the relevant title.

If you meant removing it from your dashboard altogether, I have made a copy of all seeds the day Round 1 ended.
We haven’t decided where/whether we would make them available yet.


We should already have a snapshot .zip of the seeds, but I see Manon typing, so I’ll let her go.

ETA: Ope, she beat me, lol.


I was made award of a mistake for this sticker. When counting the seeds used, I put the correct number in the wrong slot.
Here are the correct results for this Stickers:

(the creators and counts are still the same, but the seed name is different.)
The Excel sheet has been updated. The new stickers have been issued (drive folder).

Sorry about this :grimacing:


Hmm I didn’t realize KADW was Cerfuil! I enjoyed both their seeds and their numerous IFDB reviews.


Wow, I think I had the most-stickered seed that no one used :stuck_out_tongue: I guess this means someone should make that game eventually…

Thanks for running the comp by the way! It was very interesting~


I think you did! Although this was probably inevitable as we had 4 seeds for every game submitted, which is why we encouraged folks to use multiple seeds.

This seed, along with the others not yet used, would enter the seedbank and would be available for next year’s comp. In fact, if someone wanted to give themselves more dev time, they could technically grab this seed or one of the other unused ones and start working now instead of waiting.