is now multilingual. Thank you!

We are currently working to add tabs for Français and Español on the main landing page. Just a straight translation of the total overview on . We want to signal as clearly as possible that content from those spheres is very welcome.

One of our organizers (thank you @manonamora!) is multilingual and is very kindly assisting with the French effort, although we have no one among us that speaks fluent Spanish. Obviously, we aren’t going to machine translate and we’ll hire it out if we have to.

However, with that said, we were wondering if there were any generous Spanish speaking souls out there willing to authentically translate the page. If not, no big deal. Just trying to get this done in the most sane economical way.

If so, simply DM one of us here or on Discord, or just reply below.

Thank you!

(As an aside, I know we leaned in hard on the whole exclamation point thing, but I need to try harder to not end a sentence with SeedComp! because it comes off as more shouty than originally intended. Re:Topic Title)


How about “SeedComp! requests assistance”? (question mark intentionally left outside quotes)


You’re hired.


I’m more familiar with Latin American dialects of Spanish (primarily Mexican) and it seems like the Spanish-speaking IF community is mostly from Spain, so ideally you probably want a speaker of Castilian Spanish, but I’ll offer myself as a backup if no one more qualified bites.


Thank you, @EJoyce ! We’ll do as you suggest and see if someone better suited steps up, but we definitely appreciate your offer. Depending on how things roll, we may end up taking you up on your offer! :upside_down_face:

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You can count with me. I am native spanish and can translate from english


We have a translator! Thank you all (especially @EJoyce) for bearing with us.

We expect the French page to be up very soon and the Spanish one we tentatively expect to be available by the end of the week. :grin:


Hello, @Jade , I think our responses literally crossed each other. I think we have it straightened out at the moment, but if anything changes, you can be sure you’ll be hearing from me, lol.

Thank you for your generosity. :heart:

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To be sincere, I highly recommend you to auto-translate with Google or DeepL Translate. They are QUITE good, and later we can pass to revise or optimize.

It is better than any poor soul to translate from scratch. XD


Alright, we’ll bring it up with the individual helping us, especially if it makes the whole thing easier.

We’re honestly not trying to create unnecessary work, only trying to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. We know that machine translation doesn’t always translate things in a way that captures their full meaning, especially when expressions or turns of phrase are used. We just want the end result to be as fluid and natural to those using it as our English page is to those highly fluent in English.

Also, machine translating something and putting it out there as-is might carry a connotation of indifference or “good-enough” we’d rather not convey.

In reality, the machine translation is almost certainly adequate to convey the raw information, but by going that extra step, we hope to also convey some sense of sincerity.

Whether we accomplish that or not is yet to be seen.

7 Likes is officially up and running with Français and Español!

Thank you @manonamora, Paravaariar, and @Jade!

Je vous suis extrêmement reconnaissant!

Muchas gracias por todo!