SecretLetter 2024 (FyreVM Book UI)

I decided to take the plunge into updating Secret Letter’s Silverlight UI to open-source replacement OpenSilver.

It started well enough, then ran into some things not implemented (for good reason) and had to make adjustments. One of those is still sidelined (the Popup for the transcript needs to be rewritten for a UserControl → HTMLPresenter.

At the moment I’m blocked because of a bug in the OpenSilver internals where there is a missing null check (reported).

In any case this is unlikely to interest any current I7 authors since this would only apply to the older version of I7 (5Z71 maybe a later version, but I’m not going down that road at the moment)

But it’s a nice UI and I’d like to preserve it and Secret Letter.

Repo is here: ChicagoDave/SecretLetter2024: OpenSilver adaptation of Secret Letter (

And a link to the downloads: Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter Deluxe Edition by Textfyre (